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What are the best cannabis nutrients? | Cybele labs

There are no mistakes in gardening, only experiments. Lets get straight to the point and identify the 3 most important cannabis nutrients and how our Canadian made Small Batch nutrients Hydragrow & Hydrabloom will supercharge your plants and get them growing in the right direction. 

  1. Nitrogen

  2. Phosphorus

  3. Potassium


Nitrogen is a critical element in the growth phase of cannabis. It plays an important role in chlorophyll and without nitrogen, plants cannot convert sunlight into energy. Your plants won’t grow without it. 


Phosphorous also plays an incredibly important role in plant growth and flower development.  During the growth phase, Phosphorus will boost  the formation and structure of the plants roots and help make other nutrients more available to the plant. During the flower stage, phosphorus is a vital nutrient involved in stimulating and enhancing bud development.


 Potassium is important because it helps to regulate critical plant systems. Without adequate potassium,  cannabis plants cannot intake sunlight, carbon dioxide, excrete water, Oxygen and store energy.

  • Iron
  • Magnesium 
  • Calcium  

The above micronutrients, when combined with macronutrients will enhance and optimize plant growth. Look for base fertilizers with macro and micronutrients such as Hydragrow & Hydrabloom. 

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