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When should I give nutrients to Cannabis? | Cybele Labs

Good day growers! Remember there are no mistakes in gardening, only experiments.  If you're reading this, its likely that your cannabis plants have been transplanted into the medium/growing method of your choice. Perhaps you signed up to our newsletter, saved 10% on your purchase of Hydragrow & Hydrabloom and now asking the very legit question "When should I give nutrients?" 

As with all plants, proper growth is reliant on 4 factors. Light, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients. Your plants foliage will absorb and process light and carbon dioxide while the roots uptake water and nutrients. During the growth phase of your cannabis plant, it will need Nitrogen along with other macro and micro nutrients.  When your favourite seeds germinated and have been planted, they already have enough stored energy to produce their first two leaves so dosing them with nutrients is not necessary and can do more harm then good. One also needs to consider their growing medium and if it already contains nutrients, for example Pro-mix HP, a popular growing medium, has enough nutrients to sustain seedlings for 1-2 weeks. Look around for a NPK value. Okay, fast forward 2 weeks and your plants should have 3-4 true leaves, it's time to water and  give your plants some nutrients its most likely craving. Start with a grow base formula like Cybele Labs Hydragrow. We always recommend dosing 25% the recommended dose  to ensure you start off on the right foot. Take a look at the Hydragrow & Hydrabloom feed chart below which already includes and starts off with a reduced nutrient dose. 


If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we'll do our best to get back to you. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram 

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