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  • PREVENT DEFICIENCIES - Prevent yellowing, slow growth and poor productivity. Calcium paired with Magnesium offers a comprehensive approach to total plant support and will keep your plant growing efficiently without problems.


  • MACRO & MICRO NUTRIENTS - HydraCalMag has Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Molybdenum and Zinc plus more to help plants achieve optimum growth & yield potential. All plants, flowers, buds, fruiting vegetables and seedlings will benefit from this all purpose liquid fertilizer.


  • DOUBLES AS A FOLIAR SPRAY - Apply this Cal-Mag as a foliar spray, in between feedings, during the growing season to prevent deficiency diseases, or to treat plants already impacted by nutrient deficiencies. Be sure to turn off your grow lights before spraying foliage.


  • HAND CRAFTED WITH CARE IN SMALL BATCHES- HydraCalMag has been in the making for 40+ years and is tailored to Grow & Bloom biochemistry requirements of the plant in mind. We manufacture in small batches to ensure accuracy and quality. All of our bottles are equipped with a child safe cap, shake the bottles well before use and start growing with this advanced nutrient rich system.


  • SUITS YOUR GROWING STYLE - This CalMag fertilizer excels in hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, soilless, coco coir, deep water culture, indoor, and outdoor gardens. Our concentrated formula is easy to mix and measure, we supply a feed chart that can be used as a starting point so you can incorporate HydraCalMag into your plant feeding and water change schedule with confidence. For Beginners and Seasoned Growers.




Advanced Calcium Magnesium & Micronutrients


HydraCalMag from Cybele Labs is a new, Calcium Magnesium based supplement created to provide your plant with all the benefits of this nutrient-dense ingredient blend in one easy dose! With the potential that Calcium and Magnesium can bring, HydraCalMag is the ideal addition to your plants supplement routine. This calmag fertilizer is filled with powerhouse ingredients in a formula built to keep your plants growing, deficiency free and producing yields to its maximum potential.


Hand Crafted In Small Batches


Easy to use and works with various growing methods such as hydroponics, soiless, aeroponics, soil, coco, indoor and outdoor grows, HydraCalMag contains powerhouse ingredients in a formula built to keep your plants growing to its maximum potential. All of our formulas are made in small batches with clean naturally occurring chemicals in Canada. For enthusiasts and beginners!


Key Features


✔ Complex blend of Essential and Advanced Micronutrients


✔ Formulated With 40+ Years of Growing Experience


✔ Accelerate Healthy Growth


✔ Ideal for Leafy Greens, Herbs, Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers & Buds


✔ Perfect for use in Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aero gardens, Promix & Soil


✔ Equipped with a child safe cap


✔ Maximize your grow


✔ High quality ingredients from Canada & USA